The 4 Step Consult Process

Step 1

Detailed Goal Setting

Want to lose 20lbs In 6 months? Thats great! But the real question is why? If you lose that 20 lbs, what will be different about your life? What do you see yourself doing with this new found body? What is it about your goals that bring out desire and excitement? Knowing these are key to keeping you motivated.

Step 2

Detailed Information Intake

Understanding the ecosystem that surrounds your health and well-being is the only way to make intelligent coaching decisions. Gathering as much information about your fitness, nutrition, stress management and sleep are crucial to your success.

Step 3

Personalized Action Plan 

As the old saying goes “fail to plan, plan to fail”. Christina takes an co-operative approach to creating personalized action plans. Whether is be a 4 week plan or 24 week  plan, it’s imperative that you are confident and comfortable with the decisions you are making.

Step 4

Begin your journey!

Once you have agreed on a plan that works best for you, you are ready to take action! Remember, achieving ambitious goals is a marathon, not a sprint, and Christina is here to coach you every step of the way!

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